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We all owe a special debt to the people who guided us along our journey. I learned more in the course of 11 days than I have learned in the several months since. This learning was of the genre that can not be acquired from books or even communicated. I thank you all for sharing this experience with me.


to Roberta who shared
with us her smile and song.

Alfonso to Alfonso who shared with us his connection with and love for people.

to JJ who shared with us
his extensive knowlegde
of Mayan history.

picture coming soon
picture coming soon to Rick who shared with us his eye and photo tips.

to Don Carlos who shared with us his amazing ability
to drive through and
around anything.

Don Carlos
to Paul who shared with us
his unrelenting humor.

to Michael who shared with us his focus and patience.

picture coming soon to our group and our shared memories.

and to all the people we met along the way who shared with us many moments and their unmatched hospitality.